Rethinking Forgiveness Box of 10


:: Box of 10 Rethinking Forgiveness Books

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:: Box of 10 Rethinking Forgiveness Books
:: 5.5″x 8.5″ Paperback Book

:: Written by Michael O’Shields

What if all you knew about forgiveness was only half the story? Is it possible that the truth about forgiveness remains hidden? Could the whole truth about forgiveness really set you free?

In this groundbreaking work, Michael O’Shields rediscovers a long-buried truth about forgiveness. This book will demolish your old way of thinking, renew your heart, and reconnect you to the transforming power of God’s original design.

With a novelist’s eye and a surgeon’s precision, the author writes about forgiveness as though no one had ever addressed the topic before. His vibrant insights, mountain-morning-fresh language, and non-traditional approach will make you feel like you’ve never read or heard anything about forgiveness until now.

In Rethinking Forgiveness, you will discover the Heaven-on-earth power of blessing. This book can change every relationship in your life, your memory, and your future.

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